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A New Type of Bitcoin

Three days ago, Bitcoin launched its newest technology, Bitcoin Gold.  This is big for digital currency and blockchain technologies.  There are many differences that separate Bitcoin Cash and Bitcoin Gold that you can learn about in the article below.  For those of you who use Bitcoin technologies, you have likely already experienced the new addition, […]

Matthew Roszak’s TEDx Talk

I was recently invited to give a TEDx Talk in San Francisco, and I couldn’t have been more honored to do so.  Here is what TEDx wrote about the subject of my talk: Matthew Roszak shares how we’re transitioning from an old model where money use to equal to power changing to money becoming technology […]

Bloq’s New Token

Bloq, the company I co-founded with Jeff Garzik, has some exciting news.  We are launching metronome, a new token/cryptocurrency that will do big things for blockchain technology!  You can learn all about it in the article from Coindesk below, and stay tuned for more news on this.  You can also learn more about Bloq and […]

Bloq’s Latest Venture

More and more industries and companies are adopting blockchain for various purposes across the globe.  One of the uses blockchain has the most potential in is trade finance.  That is why Bloq recently came up with solutions to streamline trade finance and supply chain management better.  Learn about our venture in the article below. Bloq Outlines […]

The Launch of Token Alliance

Bloq is pleased to be a part of the latest blockchain industry agreement, the Token Alliance.  The Token Alliance was developed by The Chamber of Digital Commerce and it includes Bloq and over 70 other organizations and companies.  Learn about the goals of Token Alliance and what it will mean for blockchain going forward in […]

Bitcoin’s Biggest Move Yet

The bitcoin blockchain will be splitting into two parts in the very near future.  This is due to the fact that current technology can only keep up with so much memory and data in transactions, and with the impending future of bitcoin growing and being even more widely used it would not be able to […]

Beaming Bitcoin From Space

You may have previously seen news about Bitcoin in space.  Now, technology created by Blockstream is pushing towards a “Blockstream Satellite” that can get bitcoin from space to anywhere on the planet.  Learn about the progress and problems that Blockstream has faced thus far and what it could mean for the future of bitcoin in […]

Blockchain in Health Care?

You all know that Blockchain technologies have helped the finance and investment world evolve.  Blockchain is associated with more than you think  in money processing!  So, what would happen if Blockchain technologies had a role in other industries like health care or engineering?  The article below explores health care specifically.  Learn about the capabilities Blockchain […]

Getting Blockchain in Your Portfolio

Many Americans have a least some money invested in the stock market, mutual funds or businesses.  For those who know investing well know that expanding a portfolio can be advantageous.  This is where Blockchain comes in.  Did you know you can invest in certain companies that have invested in Blockchain technology?  If you do, you […]

The Efficiency of Smart Contracts and Blockchain

Agreements and contracts hold people accountable for their actions and promises made.  As technology advances, contracts are becoming ‘smarter’ as they are on computers and are input-based.  However it still takes human actions and observations to carry out a contract and hold those on the other side of it accountable.  Continue reading the piece below […]