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What To Do If There’s a Bitcoin Coin-Split

There is potential that there will be two kinds of Bitcoin tokens in the future after a coin-split.  For those using Bitcoin who do not know what this could mean for Bitcoin in general and how to adjust with the growing pains the article below will walk you through it all. A Bitcoin Beginner’s Guide […]

A Different Economy Than Web Economy

The majority of transactions currently utilize banks.  However, in the future this could change as blockchain technology further develops allowing people to complete peer to peer transactions more often.  Predictions are being made that a blockchain economy could outperform a web economy in years to come.  Learn more about this speculation in the article from […]

The Price of Bitcoin Keeps Going Up

Lately, Bitcoin has been progressing financially but not technologically. Many are debating why this is.  The article below from CoinDesk goes into the speculation and thinks about what the future might be for Bitcoin.  Investors may choose to remain optimistic or become a little more reserved. Read more about this below. $1,700? Bitcoin’s Price is […]

Is Bitcoin Legal Property?

Blockchain and bitcoin technologies are still fairly new and misunderstood by people. When it comes to the use of bitcoin by people around the world one has to wonder if intellectual property or property laws will cover it.  The article from Bitcoin Magazine dives into this question. Making the Case for Bitcoin as Legal Property […]

Good News for Blockchain Startups

If you are running a new blockchain startup or are in the beginning steps of creating a company then this article is worth reading. As currency evolves technologically, banks and exchanges will have more ties to the blockchain industry.  Nasdaq has announced they want to become more involved in blockchain technologies by investing in those […]

Big News for Bloq!

As you know Matthew Roszak is the C0-Founder of Bloq and, as of last week, the company has some big announcements!  BloqLabs has been created and Bloq has joined the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance.  To learn more about these two ventures and what it means for the future of Bloq read the article from Bitcoin Magazine below. Bloq […]

Blockchain and Food Safety

Did you know that blockchain technology is being used in food safety measures across the globe?  A platform was developed after a horse meat scandal and its goal is to transmit information to food suppliers quicker and more accurately to boost consumer confidence in products.  Learn more about this in the article from Bitcoin Magazine […]

Bloq + Swiss Re

Matthew Roszak’s company, Bloq, recently teamed up with Swiss Re to give a platform to Mr. Roszak’s presentation on Blockchain currency and how money is now technological. Check out a preview of the presentation below and then follow the link to view the rest online.     To view the rest of the presentation visit: […]

Commodity Markets Council on Matthew Roszak

  Mr. Roszak was recently featured on the Commodity Markets Council website. Read the feature below to learn more about him and his work. MATTHEW ROSZAK Matthew Roszak Co-Founder & Chairman, Bloq Matthew Roszak is co-founder and chairman of Bloq, a blockchain enterprise software company. Mr. Roszak is also founding partner of Tally Capital, a private investment firm focused on […]

Dow Hits 20K

The Dow hit an average over 20,000 this week and, for some, it is a huge milestone while, for others, it is insignificant.  As you all know, the stock market changes and fluctuates all the time.  Since November, those changes have been especially monitored and noticed because of the election and inauguration of a new […]