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A New Digital Currency

The newest medium of exchange has been created.  It’s digital and it’s called Zcash.  This form of currency is supposed to be more secure and private than other digital methods.  If all holds true, it has the potential to be the most preferred method of digital transactions.  Learn more about Zcash in the article below. […]

Blockchains and Banks

More banks and major financial institutions are investing in blockchains.  There is potential for great progress in the industry with this type of backing.  However, with great confidence from most bank executives, there are also some that want to proceed with caution.  There are arguments that blockchain transactions are safe and effective for certain kinds […]

The Future of Blockchain

The next five years of blockchain developments and use could be extremely progressive and forward-moving.  Predictions have been made in a study called the Wealth ad Asset Management 2021: Preparing for Transformative Change.  Part of the growth predicted would be due to technology advances and also to likely overall growth of the industry in general. […]

Bitcoin Goes to Space!

One small step for Bitcoin, and one giant leap for digital currency.  Genesis Mining successfully sent a bitcoin into space!  This fun news is the first “peer-to-peer financial transaction in space”.  This means Bitcoin and Bitcoin wallet have huge potential for transactions spanning large distances and use by NASA and other space researchers.  Read about […]

Blockchain and Health Care

The health care industry is in huge transition right now due to the immense amounts of technology that are infiltrating this field. Blockchain is one of the largest new innovations that could revolutionize the industry. Just out this piece on just how the government plans to take advantage of this wonderful idea. The US Department […]

Blockchain goes to Wall Street

Wall Street, where so much of our economy and trade is determined, has embraced more elements of Blockchain technology and Bitcoin at a recent convention in New York City. Nasdaq recently heard a speech from influential members of the Bitcoin community. Here’s what happened. The father and son authors of the new book “Blockchain Revolution” […]

By 2020, currency will look very different

Although Bitcoin is thought by many to be on the fringes of society and global economy, a recent study has shown that by the year 2020, one out of five businesses in the United Kingdom will be using some form of digital currency in order to complete trades. The study only covered the United Kingdom […]

Taking the internet to the next level

IBM, one of the largest technology companies in the world, is taking a closer look at Blockchain technology and naming it the revolution that it truly is. IBM is looking for new ways to incorporate blockchain into their methods and how to help this technology move along on a more widespread kind of scale. Check […]

Bitstamp could be taking off very soon

Bitstamp, a very prominent Bitcoin startup is very close to receiving its official license for European exchange. This is exciting news, as it is another step closer to legitimizing and establishing Bitcoin as the global exchange that it is designed to be. Here’s what that could mean for the Bitcoin world. One of the world’s […]

New practical Blockchain resesarch

Blockchain technology, although practically available in many different platforms currently, necessitates further research for it to fulfill its whole potential and this is finally occurring. Pairing up with a new prestigious Bitcoin start up, MIT has begun practical research projects designed to help propel Blockchain technology into the present. MIT has moved its blockchain research […]