Ryuk Ransomeware Virus

A new ransomeware virus has hit the cryptocurrency market and is responsible for a huge bitcoin ransom.

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A ransomware virus named Ryuk has spread to China, asking the users of infected devices for a hefty bitcoin ransom.

Tencent Security reported on July 17, 2019, that it has monitored Ryuk and found that it encrypts data on an infected device and demands a ransom in bitcoin. The ransom is generally very high and has recently reached 11 BTC.

The virus disables victims’ systems with sophisticated ransomware, mainly through botnets. First found in North America, it uses RSA and AES encryption algorithms to encrypt victims’ files. The campaign appears highly targeted, with government and enterprise institutions as preferred victims.

Ryuk originated in the Hermes date code family, and the earliest signs of its activity can be traced back to August 2018. It makes use of most of the Hermes code, has the same white list filtering mechanism as a Hermes virus and it also uses Hermes strings, even for the unique infection marker of files.

The sample found in China releases and runs different blackmail modules, which will help the virus implement subsequent injection and further improve the efficiency of its operation. As part of the most recent attacks, a dropper containing both the 32-bit and 64-bit modules of the ransomware was used. When run, Ryuk checks if it was executed with a specific argument and then kills more than 40 processes and over 180 services belonging to antivirus, database, backup and document editing software.

The blackmail letter left by Ryuk is very simple, with only two blackmail contact mailboxes and blackmail virus names. It does not take long after being answered that the attacker requests a BTC ransom.

Almost all of the observed Ryuk ransomware samples, the security researchers say, were provided with a unique wallet. Shortly after a recent victim paid the ransom, the attackers divided the funds and transmitted them through multiple accounts.

The ransomware also remains on the infected machines and attempts to encrypt network resources in addition to local drives. It also destroys its encryption key and deletes shadow copies and various backup files from the disk to prevent users from recovering files.Earlier this month, Tencent Security reported another Trojan virus called Burimi that has hacked over 33 million email accounts demanding a bitcoin ransom.


Source: https://bitcoinmagazine.com/articles/ryuk-virus-spreading-china-asking-11-btc-ransoms

Bitcoin Price Jump

The price of Bitcoin jumped $1,000 in a whopping 30-minute time span this morning.
This sudden jump could be connected with the huge unreel of BTC/USD profit taking over the 30-minute time.

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Bitcoin surged $1,000 in just 30 minutes during U.S. trading hours Thursday, a move that found the leading cryptocurrency rising from $9,335 to a high of $10,400, based on Bitstamp data.

The sudden rally could be associated with the massive unwinding of short BTC/USD positions (profit taking) seen in 30 minutes to 15:00 UTC, as reported by bot powered twitter handle @WhaleCalls.

Prices had dropped to a low of $9,280 at 14:00 UTC, having repeatedly failed to beat the psychological resistance of $10,000 in the Asian session and during early European trading hours. But, bitcoin’s price rise is now boding well for the broader market.

Names like litecoin and bitcoin SV are reporting double-digit gains at press time. Meanwhile, ethereum’s ETH token and XRP are up 6 percent and 3 percent, respectively.

Bitcoin’s dominance rate, the top cryptocurrency’s share of total market cap, has also risen to 65.8 percent from 65.4 percent seen earlier today, according to CoinMarketCap.

Looking forward

With the sudden move above $10,000, the prospects of bitcoin breaching the former resistance-turned-support of $9,097 (May 30 high) have weakened. That said, the bulls are not out of the woods yet and a break above $11,080 is needed to invalidate the bearish case.

A high-volume break above $11,080 would violate the bearish lower highs pattern and shift risk in favor of a rise to $12,000. Notably, the move above $10,000 is backed by a rise in buying volumes (green bar). Hence, prices could rise to $11,080 in the next 24 hours.

As of writing, BTC is changing hands at $10,400 on Bitstamp, representing 5 percent gains on a 24-hour basis.

Source: https://www.coindesk.com/bitcoin-price-jumps-1000-in-30-minutes-to-top-10k-again