Australian Bus Commuters Can Soon Pay Fares With Bitcoin

A team of mobile developers in Canberra, Australia, is aiming to be the first in the world to allow public transit users to pay for rides in bitcoin via its MyBus 2.0 app.

MyBus 2.0 is a timetable and route-planner app on Canberra’s extensive bus network ACTION, which is also the city’s primary public transit system. Developers Imagine Team Solutions announced the app now has more than 50,000 active users.

To celebrate that milestone, it turned its attention to ACTION’s prepaid fare smartcard system, MyWay. MyWay automatically deducts the correct fare when a passenger touches the card against a reader upon entering and exiting the bus

Public transit users in Canberra, Australia, will be able to pay fares in bitcoin via a new mobile app.


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