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China Crypto Crackdown

Financial regulators in China appear set to crack down on cryptocurrency trading again after President Xi Jinping’s praise for blockchain technology revived speculation in the sector. Regulators in each district of Shanghai must search and inspect local crypto exchange-related services before Nov. 22 and report to the central bank for further actions, according to an […]

Wells Fargo First Blockchain Platform

Wells Fargo stated that the platform, Wells Fargo Digital Cash, can move money in “near real-time” and “without impact to the underlying account, transaction postings or reconcilement infrastructure.” This is the first blockchain platform for the company.   U.S.-based financial giant Wells Fargo is developing a U.S. dollar-linked stablecoin that will run on the firm’s […]

Will Bitcoin Move?

With Bitcoin hitting a 5-month low, there is speculation that there will soon be a huge move with the cryptocurrency. Bitcoin’s price volatility, as represented by Bollinger bandwidth, has hit the lowest level since May 3, and is closing on a level seen ahead of violent price swings in the past.   Bitcoin’s volatility has hit […]

$3.1 Billion Stole from Crypto Investors So Far in 2019

$3.1 billion in cryptocurrency has been stolen thus far in 2019. The crime has made a large amount of money last quarter although it is still less than the previous quarter. The cybercrime against exchanges has reached an exponential amount.   Cryptocurrency crime made good money last quarter, although less than in the first quarter […]

Crypto Spending on Real Estate 2019

BitPay has connected with yet another firm, a luxury condominium complex in Orlando, Florida. There has been a huge jump in different real estate companies accepting cryptocurrency transactions. If this trend continues, 2019 will see astonishing growth with cryptocurrency in the real estate market. A luxury condominium complex in Orlando, Florida, is the latest firm […]

Ryuk Ransomeware Virus

A new ransomeware virus has hit the cryptocurrency market and is responsible for a huge bitcoin ransom. For more information on this virus and the areas it has reached, continue reading: A ransomware virus named Ryuk has spread to China, asking the users of infected devices for a hefty bitcoin ransom. Tencent Security reported on […]

Bitcoin Price Jump

The price of Bitcoin jumped $1,000 in a whopping 30-minute time span this morning. This sudden jump could be connected with the huge unreel of BTC/USD profit taking over the 30-minute time. To read more about this price increase, continue reading:   Bitcoin surged $1,000 in just 30 minutes during U.S. trading hours Thursday, a […]

College Student Attacks Cryptocurrency

You would not think that a college freshman could be a threat to your cryptocurrency, but he proved us all wrong. This college student took to showing how easily accessible stealing cryptocurrency can be. You might be wondering why he is out to 51% attack your cryptocurrency? He stated that his main driving force was […]

Increased Cryptojacking Malware Threats

There has been an increased level of cryptojacking malware since 2017. With such a high increase (of over 400%), it leaves experts wondering what the proper next steps should be. This article gives insight into why you should properly protect your cryptocurrencies as well as the repercussions improper protection can bring. Instances of cryptojacking malware […]

Bitcoin Price Surges Above $7,000

Within a one-hour period, Bitcoin soared over $600 today to reach a price point of $7,386. This has been the biggest jump the cryptocurrency has seen in over a month. An unexpected surge to say the least, but Bitcoin owners are hopeful for continuous growth over the next few months. Bitcoin’s price shot well above $7,000 […]