BioSolar Unveils Strategic Manufacturing Plan for Production and Distribution of Commercial Grade BioBacksheet

SANTA CLARITA, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–BioSolar, Inc. (OTCBB: BSRCNews), developer of a breakthrough technology to produce bio-based materials from renewable plant sources that reduce the cost of photovoltaic (PV) solar modules, unveiled its strategic manufacturing plan for the production and distribution of its unique BioBacksheetTM protective backing designed to replace current expensive and environmentally hazardous petroleum-based backsheets.

“Biosolar’s manufacturing model will employ a ‘manufacturing-lite’ production and distribution model. In this model, Biosolar will perform research and development internally while outsourcing plastics compounding and film extrusion.

“At a time when explosive demand for PV modules globally is fueling demand for module components, building our own manufacturing facilities does not allow us to be flexible, and may actually limit our growth,” said Dr. David Lee, CEO of BioSolar. “Recognizing that building our own manufacturing capacity is both extremely capital and management intensive, BioSolar will instead enter into manufacturing supply agreements with experienced plastics compounders and film extruders, allowing us to reduce production costs while simultaneously providing flexible manufacturing capacity to meet increasing demand from PV module manufacturers.”

This strategy leverages Biosolar’s unique product development capabilities and ties to the plastics manufacturing industry, allowing both our balance sheet and product inventories to remain ‘lean and mean’ – a key element in our future success. This strategy will allow us to ramp up production quickly by adding suppliers as needed, as well as leverage the expertise and experience of established industrial suppliers to provide consistent high quality from the start.”

“By utilizing partners such as Rowland Technology ( in Wallingford, CT, we can bolster our resistance to changes in the economy. Biosolar can respond to swings in demand without having a fixed overhead, providing a consistent profit margin and better returns to our investors,” said Lee.

Lee recently reported to Recharge News, “Over the past month, we have been demonstrating the BioBacksheet to solar panel manufacturers. Many have requested large quantities for full scale integration trials into their solar panel production lines.” “Biosolar will provide technical support to our potential customers as they complete their internal testing and qualification processes over the next few quarters,” added Dr. Lee. “Our flexible manufacturing model will also allow us to respond quickly to requests for larger volumes needed for manufacturing.”

The primary material for the commercial grade BioBacksheet™ is a durable polyamide resin made from castor beans, which is then compounded with a secondary non-petroleum material during the extrusion process to form a unique and highly durable PV backsheet film which, in addition to being “green,” has several additional advantages over other commercial backsheet films.

“BioSolar’s main issue is the paradox of manufacturing solar power installations from components made with petroleum products. The fact that a non-petroleum product is cheaper, well that’s just icing on the cake,” according to a May 19 article by Tina Casey on

About BioSolar, Inc.

BioSolar, Inc. has developed a breakthrough technology to produce bio-based materials from renewable plant sources that will reduce the cost per watt of solar cells. Most of the solar industry is focused on photovoltaic efficiency to reduce cost. BioSolar is the first company to introduce a new dimension of cost reduction by replacing petroleum-based plastic solar cell components with durable bio-based materials. To learn more about BioSolar, please visit our website at

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