Bitstamp could be taking off very soon

Bitstamp, a very prominent Bitcoin startup is very close to receiving its official license for European exchange. This is exciting news, as it is another step closer to legitimizing and establishing Bitcoin as the global exchange that it is designed to be. Here’s what that could mean for the Bitcoin world.

One of the world’s largest bitcoin exchanges is reportedly close to
announcing a new deal with the Luxembourg government that would enable
it to launch regulated and licensed services across Europe.

According to sources, Bitstamp may have secured a payment institution (PI) or electronic money institution (EMI) license from Luxembourg regulators,
a move that the company has reportedly said would allow it to become
“the first regulated and licensed bitcoin exchange for all 28 countries
in the EU”.


in 2013 and originally based in Slovenia, Bitstamp has long been one of
Europe’s largest bitcoin startups, offering bitcoin trading and gold
buying services to investors. The company is registered in the UK, the
US and Luxembourg, where its Bitstamp Europe SA entity is based.

Such a move would come nearly two years after Luxembourg first opened dialogue with the industry, and weeks after blockchain-based payment app provider Circle received an e-money license in the UK.

Bitstamp is currently the fourth largest exchange by total US dollar trading volume, according to data from Bitcoin Charts,
behind Bitfinex, BTC-e and Coinbase. The exchange saw just shy of 4,000
BTC traded in the last 24 hours, representing $1.6m in trades. Notably,
it does not yet offer EUR trading.

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