High-Yield Royalty Trusts Surge Amid Market Rally

With the market strongly in positive territory, stocks of all shapes are sizes are moving higher, and a look at the day’s worst performing tickerspy Indexes shows only five of more than 270 are trading lower for the session. A number of high-yield equity sectors are participating in the rally, with royalty trusts getting a big boost.

As a whole, the Royalty Trusts Index was ahead by 2.0% in late-morning trading. Components currently pay out an average of 7.3% annually, based on current values and distributions over the last year.

The sector is getting a lift in part by big moves in San Juan Basin Royalty Trust (NYSE: SJT – News) and MV Oil Trust (NYSE:MVO – News), which are both jumping by 3% today. The latter currently boasts a payout of 9.4% annually. Other winners in today’s session include Mesabi Trust (NYSE: MSB – News) up over 2%, and oil player Cross Timbers Royalty Trust (NYSE:CRT – News), which is yielding close to 8%.

Whiting USA Trust I (NYSE: WHX – News), an oil trust known for its huge dividends, is trading higher by over 2%. The Texas-based trust yields over 17%, and is trying to make its way back from the -8% fall it endured over the past month. Sector giant, BP Prudhoe Bay Royalty Trust (NYSE: BPT – News) is up 2%, while microcap player Torch Energy Royalty Trust (NYSE: TRU – News) is a noticeable laggard, falling -3% in today’s action.

Income oriented investors should note that royalty trust yields are normally calculated based on the annualization of the most recent payment, so in some cases a one-time event can impact yield statistics on a longer-term basis. Despite that fact, the Index is one of the best places to find consistent, high-yielding equity plays. Investors can track the Royalty Trusts Index for performance trends and a suite of other metrics at tickerspy.com.

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