Is your business trying to go green?

It was a “no-brainer,” says Joe Santana, who is vice president of operations for Mi Rancho, a family-owned Tortilla-producer in San Leandro, Calif.

Mi Rancho recently replaced more than 200 overhead lights with energy efficient fixtures in its warehouse and production facility (pictured above). With rebates from the local utility and the city of San Leandro, the retrofit cost $14,000. But Mr. Santana estimates that it will yield an annual energy savings of $32,000.

That’s one example in a small-business guide to going green — and saving money — that we’ve just published. We’ve also published an interview with L. Hunter Lovins, president of Natural Capitalism Solutions, who advises businesses on the merits of sustainability. One of the points she makes is this: “If you are a small business that is any part of the Wal-Mart supply chain or any other large retailer, and you are not focusing on sustainability, you are at risk of losing your biggest customer.”

Have you taken any steps to institute green practices at your company? if not, why not?

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