LiveOps raises $30M, acquires CxEngage to improve customer service

Bad customer service can be the death knell for businesses of all sizes.

LiveOps, which provides a “cloud contact center” and customer service solutions, announced the acquisition of UserEvents today, as well as a $30 million round of debt financing and the formation of two separate corporate entities – LiveOps Cloud Platform and LiveOps Agent Services.

LiveOps supports customer service across voice, email, chat, SMS, Facebook, and Twitter. The system doesn’t require hardware or software to download since it is based in the cloud and operates on a pay-as-you-go model. LiveOps said it has processed 1 billion minutes of customer interaction and 3 billion interactions to date.

Read the full article using the link below:

LiveOps announces a triple whammy of news: 1 acquisition, 2 subsidiaries, $30M funding.



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