Microsoft now utilizes blockchain technology

Bitcoin and blockchain technology has had a rough start of things as many people seem a little unwilling to accept this revolutionary technology but as tech giants like Microsoft are now incorporating this technology into some of their software. 

Microsoft’s Azure cloud computing platform is set to integrate several new industry services when it formally launches its blockchain-as-a-service marketplace option next year.

Eris IndustriesFactom and CoinPrism have partnered with Microsoft, according to a 15th December blog post. The platform had previously announced support for Ethereum and has been looking into integrating Ripple’s Interledger protocol.

The move comes amid increasing demand from incumbent financial institutions for products and services that allow them to explore the growing number of blockchain offerings and services.

As a result, industry services included are viewing their selection as validation that they have emerged as leaders in what has to date been a crowded market.

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