The State of Bitcoin Today

Bitcoin is up and coming. Everyone can agree to that but there are few that understand the intricacies of how it will affect certain industries and regular people upon mass adoption. At Coindesk’s inaugural conference, the biggest names in Bitcoin discussed its present and future. From effects on law enforcement to innovating blockchain technology and more, don’t miss the key quotes on these topics and so much more.

State of Bitcoin and Blockchain Technology 

The day’s proceedings were kicked off by Garrick Hileman, a CoinDesk analyst and economic historian at the prestigious London School of Economics, who shared his findings about the current state of bitcoin and blockchain technology with over 500 attendees.

During his session, Hileman touched on the topic of regulation. 
“Regulators aren’t interested in killing the golden goose … they get that they need to foster a productive and dynamic ecosystem.”
Garrick Hileman, CoinDesk analyst.

The Future of Innovation on the Blockchain

The subsequent panel attempted to discern the future of bitcoin and blockchain technologies and their biggest challenges. It was led by Emin Gun Sirer of Cornell University and included Adam Ludwin, of among other developers and researchers.

“We have billions of dollars in real value created by a decentralised network of computers … I can’t keep up with how fast this is all moving.”

Adam Ludwin, co-founder & CEO at

Law Enforcement on the Blockchain

The next panel, Unprecedented Transparency? Law Enforcement on the Blockchain, discussed how analysing the blockchain could prove useful in law enforcement investigations.

“It’s powerful as a public tool, but it’s important to remember [the blockchain] is not a magic solution to our asset tracing and follow the money issues.”
Catherine Pelker, FBI

Bitcoin’s Path to Mass Adoption

The law enforcement panel was followed by a discussion of bitcoin’s path to mass adoption, featuring Connie Chung of Expedia; Jon Downing, of Visa Europe Collab; Vinny Lingham of Gyft and moderated by former journalist Michael J Casey, now of MIT Media Lab.

Visa’s Downing commented that the path to bitcoin’s mainstream adoption was inherently linked to finding a viable technological use for the digital currency.

“London [TFL] has sent the use of contactless cards through the roof – it’s about finding uses for technology like this on a day-to-day basis.”

Jon Downing, Visa Europe Collab

 A $1.6 Quadrillion Opportunity 

During the next panel, which looked at ways in which blockchain technology could potentially revolutionise clearing and settlement, former Wall Street executive Blythe Masters pointed out the main “pain points” currently facing the financial industry.

“When I first came across blockchain technology I was frankly quite surprised and taken by the potential for a technology to check a lot of boxes that represent very real and very current points of pain the existing financial and market infrastructure and ecosystems.”
Blythe Masters, Digital Asset Holdings

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